Boats on Mississippi

On the days like today during the weeks like this one, it is good to have some images ready to go on the blog. If this image wasn’t ready to post, I probably would not find those 5 min right now, in the evening to write something. I am exhausted by this week, and I am not particularly looking forward checking things off my weekend to do list. But getting few posts ready for next week is on the list and I am planning to get this done. As I know well, next week is not going to be better. I have two deadlines at work, and two evening classes.

Enough complaining. It is barely 50 degrees outside, and we had to turn on heating in the house. On evening like that, it is nice to go back to summer adventures. And this summer was particularly full of them. Like couple of trips on Mississippi with our friends. On this particular morning, they took us for a boat-in breakfast somewhere down the river. This yellow boat just stood up from the row of boats on the beach. Luckily, with its white companion, the clean image was there for taking. I got it as HDR to retain all the tones in midday sun, and added some local adjustments to brighten additional shadows.