It is more than two weeks now, and I still did not put out on the blog any of the images from the assignment I gave myself during our last vacation. I had a recent issue of Outdoors Photographer, and I was browsing the pages filled with those great images of large and prominent foreground followed by beautiful background, which was supposedly the main subject in the scene. As much I am fed up with huge rocks on low view of waterfall or river, I rather enjoy seeing trees in front of amazing landscape. Maybe I have not seen that many millions of that type yet. Yeah, I know, this is classic, but it just makes everybody’s images out there looking the same. Maybe except of so called “happy snappers”. Back to the subject at hand. I gave myself a task, to photograph the landscapes on this trip with some vegetation in front of it. Several interesting images resulted from it, and this is my very favorite.

This image was taken here.