Fireworks at the airfield

The night air show, followed by the fireworks, become the new tradition during Airventure in Oshkosh. The sure crowd pleaser, it is also one of my favorites. Leaving it to chance last year, this year I spend days leading to Saturday evening show looking for a “perfect spot” to set up. On a side and with an interesting view on airplane(s) and people. I wanted something similar to last year’s image, yet different. The all-metal, shiny Cessna 170 looked perfect, offering colorful reflections.

I carried a flash this year, hoping to add a bit of light to the fuselage of my foreground subject. With the moon, which was already appearing for afternoon airshow, like on the Tuesday’s image, it was not necessary at all. In fact, I had to bring whole foreground’s exposure back, that’s how much light there was.

It was a great evening, I am already looking forward coming back, next year.