Golden scene

I guess I won’t be the first to get impressed by photography of Rarindra Prakarsa. You can just check on Google on how many blogs and forums people were discussing his work and technique. Having in hand the June 2008 issue of “Popular photography” magazine with 8 steps tutorial (published also on some forum) how to achieve similar effects, I decided to give it a try.

It works best if you have a picture with lot of green grass and an outstanding figure. I also had to redo it for the second time, when I noticed how the eyes can be highlighted if I make them gold as well. Personally, I find the selecting in Photoshop challenging and cumbersome, but this is a very important step in the overall goal, so be patient. Then, if you are familiar a little bit with Photoshop, adding all the layers will take just few minutes. Additional bonus- later, you can copy most of layers into another photo, getting the effect, assuming you like, in even less time! The effect- stunning.

Black cat in golden grass

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