In passing

Late fall, Iowa

There was some holiday silence here on blog. This year, we decided to ignore the celebrations, and spent few days just snowboarding in the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin. We had such a great time, it is quite difficult to find way into working again…

Although first conceived as photography trip, it turned out to be everything but. Thus, no Christmas lights or decoration photos. The only photos I did take was for a small project of mine.

Naked trees

At first, it was more of a boredom killer when driving, then a photography project. But I guess it all have started after reading “Slow” by Andrew S. Gibson, followed on his blog by a large number of interviews with photographers using slow shutter speed, often combined with panning or camera movement (see this one with Chris Friel and find others on the side bar of the web site).

One day, when we were driving, I took my iPhone and started taking images of fields we were passing. The speed of the car was simplifying the landscape into patches of color, making it far more interesting to what it was, mid-December, shortly before first snow came. Quickly, I discovered the limitations of the iPhone build-in camera capabilities, and started discovering additional effects with Slow Shutter Cam app. Not only bare fields, but also road-side trees started look interesting. Then, snow came… and a project began.

Winter in Wisconsin