Pizza garden – week 8

I was focusing in these garden posts on what is happening with my plants. But I do not think I ever really said, why I started it in the first place. Yes, it is a bit to have home grown tomatoes and peppers and herbs to make delicious pizza or salsa. The main reason is, however, to have a photographic subject available to me. To just sit down with it for half an hour or an hour, every week, and really just photograph it and see what I can come up with. Tomasz sometimes teases me, how many frames I am shooting just to put one photo up on the blog each Saturday. But this is the idea of it. Shoot. Reframe. Shoot. Next pot, maybe there is a better image there. And play. And take the time, try different angles and backgrounds. Something I should do more often in my photography in general.
Todays image is a study of two leaves. There is a few interesting things I discovered shooting them on my deck. First, both the leaves and the deck are green. The difference in shades makes one look green, the other- rather bluish. The other thing was, that although it was close to sunset on the cloudy day, the leaves on different part of the plant were differently lit. To the point that top leaves were giving highlight warning when side leaves were exposed properly. It was live the surface of the leaves was capable of reflecting the tiniest amount of sun. I was trying to photograph the overview of my tomato “bush”, but the contrast was really disruptive… So I went with another detail shot.