Red and White Antek

Yeah, I know. But this shot is completely different. First, you can probably call it a static, as the plane is not flying and is on the ground. Second, it was taken with Lensbaby, and it is one of those Lensbaby shots which work. It sometimes it is not as easy effect to achieve. For once, there is a challenge to get the focus in the exact right spot. I found that the viewfinder is not always helpful, I think I nailed it, and on the computer I find I have bo focus anywhere on the image. Secondly, simply not all compositions work with Lensbaby, and sometimes the blur helps to bring attention to the subject, and sometimes it just makes the image, well, strange and unnatural. I recently have seen a few galleries with Lensbaby images I liked, one was on Digital Photo School, and one on Gavin Gough blog. It seems that it is easier to make a good macro shot with Lensbaby, lanscapes and urban scenes requires some more creative thinking, or trying what works.