Reiman Gardens

I tried HDR again. I did it in Aperture Priority mode, using Exposure Compensation to switch between settings. Mostly to see if it works :). I had the day to try working a lot with this button. My luck, my trial version of Photomatix is still operational, so I could used it (sight of relief, when it actually started). I also tried to add the Edit in Photomatix option to Lightroom, it I found curious thing. The alignment works if I open pics in Photomatix, but when I open them as Edit in Photomatix from Lightroom, it just cannot do it right. Hmmm. Some underlying trick I don’t get, I suppose. I went the long way, and ended up with my the most natural looking HDR yet. On the geographical note, it is a main building of Reiman Gardens in Ames, Iowa, famous for its buterfly greenhouse (openieng each year in spring).