San Francisco- Day 2

One of the first places we visited in San Francisco was Botanical Garden. We took a bus from our hotel to the Golden Gate Park to explore many attractins there, and the garden was our first choice. The very enthousiastic lady at the entrance told us about the magnolias, that we are right in time for their blooming season, so we took off to discover all the shapes and colors of many species they have there. And yet, my favorite image was of the most common magnolia, one you can find even in Iowa City. I really like the delicate white petals with pink finish. The fallen petals created this unusual background for the hero. I darkened them a bit with a vignette, otherwise they could be a bit overwhelming.
We did not have much luck in the Garden, since it started to unpleasantly rain at one point and we decided to take cover in the next attraction. Pros and cons of costal cities.


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