Sky with reds

It is almost third day I am working on Pumpkin Splat photos. True, I am not spending too much time on them, after all I have the full time job, but it sounds like a lot of time nevertheless. Right after coming back from the event on Sunday I downloaded images into Lightroom, went through them once to get rid of useless- out of focus, cut parts etc. Then I burned the archive CD and went to sorting. Yesterday and today, I am processing them. My husband is teasing me about it, but I am not doing any extensive work on them. They are pretty darn good, if I would tell it myself. I just correct the tones here and there, to reveal airplane wind structure a bit better, and sharpen a bit. Well, I removed a person or a bucket here and there. But most if the time I am wasting on cleaning dust specks. They showed up unexpectedly, and are particularly well visible on beautiful blue sky. Man, and I cleaned the lens before we went. I hate it. I would use the Lightroom Sync function, to clean them on all images at the time, but each is different, and probing from one area will not work from image to image. So, I sit there, and clean :(.