Stock- first months summary

January was my months of stock submissions. I was trying 3 agencies, although I am not sure if I will continue this way, or just decide on one. I think this article really made me think a bit more about what business plan I want to pursue with my stock submissions. Having same image in different agencies at different price probably won’t do me any good….
Meantime, a week after my first 3 images were not worm received, I submitted another 3 images for initial approval in iStock. They were accepted, now I have a green light to submit. I was a bit afraid to submit any more, for I thought about their high standards, but hey, I need to try. I submitted first batch of 12 photos. Almost a week passed from my submission, I expect to hear from them any day now. On the side note,
I also signed up and submitted initial 10 images for Shutterstock. All but three were found acceptable (they rejected for example my favorite “White breakfast“, due to poor light, interestingly, this image was found acceptable in both iStock and BigStockPhoto!). You need to submit at least seven good in your first ten before they let you start for real. Bottom line? I can try again after 30 days. I have those 3 ready for then :).
Meantime, I was continuing more or less regular submission to BigStockPhoto, with changing luck. Some submissions were perfect (5/5), some far less (4/10). Overall, I have a growing portfolio with them.

All in all, this is still just a submit/get accepted game, but I have to start thinking what to shoot to actually get somebody to buy my images.