This week around the photo Web – part 2

Well, the posts I am going to share today for “This week around the photo Web” were not exactly posted during last week. I was cleaning my Pocket reading list, and found those from probably well before Christmas. Combined, they create an interesting discussion of different points of view on “traditional”, black and white, versus color photography.

Sherry Ott brings a lot of color for short, dark winter days

I saved this post, because I have those days too, when snow is not there, and all seams to be in this awful shade of decaying brown. I wish I have a bunch of images like hers in my Lightroom folder for days like that, to print and hang on the walls or set as desktop wallpaper, or just post them on blog.

Alex Smith on playing down colors in current photography

It is an interesting observation, and one everybody can make by browsing images not only on Instagram (where they are “enhanced” with old-style filters), but also on sites like 500px. I personally feel it is more the fault of fascination with look of images from seventies than economic situation, but the fact is there. But I agree with Alex- fresh, bright colors can enhance an image.

Now, for the title of the post. I guess I did not understand it, until I have read about newest book by Vincent Versace “From Oz to Kansas. Almost Every Black and White Conversion Technique Known”. I do believe that’s what author is eluding to, yet, well, probably not many people get it writ away.

According to Nick Turpin, Google Images favors B&W street photography

Just for technical interest, why indeed, would you find only black and white images when you search for street photography?

This simple point can open the whole can of worms, there is enough discussion already if street photography can even be successfully created in color. I am partial to black and white, I feel it simplifies many scenes but I do not dismiss well made color images. Like those in portfolio of Thomas Leuthard.

How about you? In this colorful, digital age, do you still like looking at black and white images? Or you prefer watching and creating only in colors, since this is how you perceive world around you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Red lilly, green grass

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