You are blogger, you are user

This week, it was a second time I heard about Woopra
First time, it was when Trey Ratcliff reviewed it on his blog last winter. And now, Frederic Van Johnson recorded a podcast where he interviewed John Pozadzides, who distributes Woopra. And yesterday, if you follow @MartinBailey on Twitter, he tweeted about how he installed it and enjoyed. The user pool is apparently growing.
This time, I decided to sit and write this post. To protest. And express my opinion why I will not use it. And why I will make every effort to make it unsuccessful to use it for everybody else.
As a blogger, I do understand importance of statistics. I am using Google Analytics myself. I like checking how many people visit my blog, from which countries or even towns. When I prepare the new web page, I would look which browser they use and what resolution of monitors prevails. I appreciate it. But when I hear about Woopra, I have the impression that they are going too far. It is reaching the point that I do not feel comfortable anymore. I do not want anybody follow me and my preference on any given web page. I do not want to be recognized as returning user, I do not want anybody to see which pages I visited, in which order and how much time I spend on each. Nor the fact that I am using Mac and Mozilla browser. I am fine with those statistics being collected for all anonymous users on the page. But I do not want somebody collecting information which can be used to profile me as a single person. And compiling it in a package, with my home and IP address, system, software, and possibly any other pages I visited, as apparently Woopra keeps the stats for all the pages using its analytics.
And besides, surprising me by starting a chat with me when I visit a page- it is not funny. And not useful. If I want to interact with people, there is Facebook, Twitter or even I can leave a comment. Which I will be careful now. I don’t want anybody solicit me to buy a print for example when I browse through online gallery.
I am really surprise how all the people so concerned about copyrights are so excited by such an invasion of their privacy by other blog users.
I don’t know about you, but I am not installing Woopra on my blog. Moreover, I am going to make sure that my browser will block all its java scripts.
What is a fun toy for you now, can one day result in selling your preferences to highest bidder. Because you are not only a bloger. You are reader of other blogs, you are a user, too.

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