Around the photo Web – part 4

Draceana abstract

I have seen over last few weeks or so several articles I found interesting and thought provoking. With no common subject, other them being photography related, I decides to share them in this round-up post. If you found them interesting, and have any additional thoughts, share them in the comments!

  • An example of creating unique image of far too often photographed landmark in this post by Valerie Jardin. Challenging? yes. Rewarding? You bet!
  • I could not agree more with this short article by David duChemin– sometimes, an image is just a representation of something beuatiful, nothing else to it. Not all images need a story.
  • Think a bit about how the world in general, and photography in particular, changed during your life time, regardless your age. As funny as I fins this short anecdote by Brooks Jensen, I often realize I do remember developing black and white film with my dad as wel as listening to music from vinyl… But there was always TV at home ;).
  • I couldn’t put it more succinctly and funny, how I perceive the difference between shooting film and digital than this cartoon I found one day at PetaPixel
  • Some thought on sharing/shooting/selling images for free from very successful photographer Jake Peterson

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