Terms & Conditions

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Thank you for choosing Korwel Photography for your photography needs. Please read carefully the Terms of Conditions of sale, as you will need to agree to  them before your purchase is finalized.


  1. The photographs is provided “as is”. There are no warranties, express or implied.
  2. You are responsible for providing valid form of payment. If we are unable to process your payment and you do not provide an alternative form of payment upon request, we have the right to cancel the order. You agree to reimburse Korwel Photography for any and all costs incurred in collecting amounts owed by you.
  3. We want you to be happy with your order in Korwel Photography store. If at any point you have any problems with your order, quality of image received or anything else, please contact us using Contact Form, and we will assist you. Please contact us before disputing the charge with your credit card company!


  1. If you purchase digital download, the download link will be provided to you upon receiving the valid payment. The sale is final and unless there is a  valid quality concern, the refund will not be issued.
  2. License. By downloading the image from Korwel Photography store, you are granted non-exclusive perpetual non-transferable worldwide personal-use license to download and copy the image. Personal use allows the display the image on personal web site, computer (for example as wallpaper) or making a print for personal use. We allow the use of the image in small scale commercial uses (when you make money from it, directly or indirectly) for your organization newsletter, poster, flyer, web site, blog etc.  Small scale means it will be produced  in less than 1,000 copies or delivered to less than 1,000 subscribers/readers. For web sites or blog it is defined as number of monthly visits.
  3. Full commercial licenses are available upon request – please contact us using Contact Form.
  4. The copyright to the image remains with Korwel Photography. The image cannot be re-sold, re-licensed or sub-licensed. The derivative work cannot be re-sold.


  1. To ensure the highest quality and archival properties or our prints /canvas, we use the lab of our choice – WHCC. The products  will be delivered to us first for quality inspection, after which they will be shipped to you.
  2. If you purchase print or canvas, we will make all the effort to have it shipped to you within 48 hours. If we cannot meet the deadline, we will contact you as soon as possible and inform about the delay.
  3. If you want to cancel your order, please do it as soon as possible, no later than 24 h after order was placed. We will not be able to cancel the order which was already shipped!
  4. The prints are shipped with US Postal Services and canvas are shipped with FedEx. We are not responsible for any delays in shipping on the provider side.
  5. You are responsible for any shipping charges.
  6. We want you to be happy with the purchase. If the print/canvas does not meet quality standards, we will issue you full refund for the purchase price (but not the shipping fee). Please let us know what was wrong with the product so we can improve in the future!
  7.  If the print/canvas gets damaged during the shipping,  we will send you the replacement free of charge or issue you full refund (purchase price and shipping fee). Please provide us with description of damages and, if at all possible, illustrate it with a photograph to speed up reimbursement and so we can avoid the same problem in the future.