Around the Web- talking stock

Dried green hortensia (hydrangea) flowers in tall glass vase

Many professionals and as many hobbyist are considering supplementing their income with stock/microstock photography. I do that myself. It requires some skill and certain persistance, but is also well travelled road, so why not use experience of others?

For those interested, here is a collection of some useful links. You will find here posts and articles discussing the business model of stock agencies as well as practical tips in this week’s collection from Around the Web.

This post is not intended to be a discussion of ethical issues of existence of stock, and especially (micro)stock companies. And these days, not only some more “traditional” stock companies seem to be geting the heat as well (take Getty for example and its recent scandal).

The image to accompany this post is one of my most popular with Shutterstock. I have a lot of images of random object on white seamless backgroud, which sell rather way- including a collection of my Mom’s flowers and vases.