In millinery shop

This is probably one of my favorite images from the shots i had a chance to take on Saturday, as part or between the classes during the Photography Days at Living History Farms. Also, one of my biggest disappointments after the event comes from the fact that I really counted to come back to millinery shop on Sunday, with tripod and flash, and take some more photos of the hats. Which are, on the side note, the replicas, generated by the skilled staff of Living History Farms.

The still life on this image is a bowl with leftovers of some hat which is going to be re-made, and whatever was on it- re-used on other projects. Right now, the pieces of fabrics, ribbons and the feathers are sitting in a large bowl next to the window. the colors and textures drew me to the scene. Also, there was very interesting light falling on it from the window slightly above the set up. However, in midday sun,there was just too much dynamic range between the light and shadow in the room. The long and the short of it is that as it was, as interesting as it was, it couldn’t be pulled in from one image. And with use of the diffuser the contrast is almost gone. yet, I still like the resulting image.

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