Mill City Farmers Market

Valerie and Iza at Mill City Farmers Market

I just came back from the weekend in Minneapolis. It was three days full of walking, visiting places and, of course, photography. The photographic highlight of the trip was meeting Valerie Jardin, a commercial photographer and workshop reader living in the area. I am not even sure now how long I knew valerie from her posts for Digital Photography School. I started following her blog and her Social Media profiles. I learned she is from just up North ;), and when we started making plans for the weekend, I contacted Valerie.

We met on Saturday morning at the Mill City Farmers Market. We walked and talked, about taking pictures, gear, workshops and just life. Great time. The market itself was full of people, but also of colorful merchandise, mainly fruit and veggies. Here is a gallery of some of my favorite images. Click on any thumbnail to open gallery in Lightbox. For Valerie’s interpretation, head on to her blog.

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