Orchids – panorama style


One more of the shots from last weekend visit in Noelridge Greenhouse in Cedar Rapids. Now that I own again a macro lens, it is surprising how I still tend to rich for Lensbaby. After last week post about general public preferring all-sharp images and comments on Google+, I did some more thinking. I do not feel that macro images always need more depth than you naturally achieve. In fact, I prefer to have only as much depth of field as to get the main subject sharp. If I am lucky to have main subject parallel to sensor frame, I am good, I do not ned much of depth of field at all. And with more and more experience with Lensbaby, I can now enjoy throwing the rest into pleasing blur, something my macro lens cannot do all that efficiently.

Why panoramic form? Not sure. This was a post-processing afterthought. The image was so slightly tilted (or I thought it would look better straightened, don’t remember now how exactly this bunch of flowers was positioned). But with straightening, I started loosing all the flowers in the background, which was main reason I set up the image this way. How to avoid cropping them out? 16×9, typical panoramic ratio. I always wanted to shoot a vertical panorama (as opposed to horizontal one, which for landscape is the most natural). And here I got one, by happy accident.

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