Photomatix upgrade and fall in Chicago in HDR

I purchased Photomatix several years ago, when I seriously started shooting HDR images and just couldn’t figure out how to process them in previous version of Photoshop. At the time, there was no serious competition to Photomatix, and everybody in HDR world was using this software. Meantime, the newer version of Photomatix came out, and since my old version and new CS5 worked just fine, I decided not to upgrade. It was tempting, of course, with new processes and presets and all. However, today when I wanted to process the recently shot HDR, the communication between Lightroom and Photomatix broke. Quite frustrated after several tries, I called my husband for help. “Help” suggested checking for updates. So I went to the website and was thrilled to see, that with my previous purchase, I can upgrade to the new Photomatix 4. Fantastic. Or so I thought ;). I loved the presets, but had hard time go from there to the effect I wanted. The software controls were a bit different, so it took me a while to figure out how to do the process in the similar manner I used to. Not enough time to spend learning now. But I am sure to look for the good tutorials soon. Any suggestions anybody?

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