San Francisco – Day 1

This week will be a bit of the break from typical posting schedule and themes. I am on well deserved vacation/ professional meeting. In San Francisco, from all places. It was the city I wanted to visit the most, along with New York, when I was still dreaming about coming to US. Then, I came the first time for short time, then came the second time and stayed longer…. Almost ten years later, I already visited New York several times. When Finally, this year the occasion came up to go to San Francisco.

So here I am, after long evening flight and the most amazing view from above when landing I’ve ever seen. The broken clouds, water, San Mateo bridge… I was far less enthusiastic when it started raining hard when we were visiting Botanical Garden today. But we hid in California Academy of Sciences just before the sun came out again. And this is when this image was taken.


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