What strawberries have to do with Live View

These are not really strawberries. I am not even sure if the English language has a special name for them. These are wild strawberries. And if you have never seen or eaten them, believe me, they look and taste quite different. They are smaller and their skin is more textured. They are also sweeter in taste. My parents have a small field of them next to their cabin. But this is not where I took this image. I found them in the medieval garden in The Cloisters in NYC last month. They are really tiny, so to take the photograph I had to go down to the ground. Instead of laying down on concrete in front all other visitors in this place, I used the trick. I knelt down and turned on the Live View on my camera (probably one of the features I used least so far). I placed the camera on the sidewalk and composed the image this one. I was even able to easily adjust focus on the Lensbaby lens, which I used to take this image. Just another trick in my toolbox :).

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