Airplane and a farm

I have been wondering if I should or shouldn’t post this image for last few days. It is not my sharpest image, but it is overall nicely composed. The red Taylorcraft airplane nicely stands out from the typical Iowa background. But the main reason I decided to put it on blog today is that it is my first air-to-air image. Something I was considering doing for a while now, and got first chance on Sunday, really by accident and had no real time to think about or recompose or anything. It was a moment and I took it.
I am posting it because I want to keep myself motivated to do more of it. Yeah, I know, I am afraid of flying. But as Julienne Kost said it in her guest blog at Scott Kelby’s some time ago, keeping a camera and shooting just keeps your mind off the fact that you are on the plane. And one thing I remember from my Sunday ride is not how bumpy it was (which it wasn’t. I think ;) ), but how different the world looks from up there. Something I want to keep in mind in few months from now, when I get another chance for a ride.