AirVenture thoughts

Finally, I am catching up with my extended weekend photos. We took a trip up to Wisconsin, to see AirVenture. We went last year, too, but although this year we felt much better prepared to take photographs – all those fancy lenses, filters, strobes… And now it feels like we have much less keepers.
I am looking back at how I was approaching my photographs taking, and I have to admit that I still have a problem with diversification. I look at other photographers blogs, for example Tony Sweets, and in one gallery, from one spot, there will be a lot of different photos. There would be black-and-whites, infrared, HDRs, wide-angle view or macro details, panning or still panning…. A mix of everything. I seem to have a problem seeing all different photographs around. I think I have “lens-on-camera” approach. What would and what would not work with a lens. The only exception is fisheye, with which I a had a lot of fun, all are keepers, and I knew exactly when to use it. At the same time, B&W are matter of post-processing, purely- something looks like might work, when I look through photographs.
For today, I have just a simple photograph of planes, while I am putting together some galleries and projects from the remaining photographs.

Air Venture 2009