Amana – Worldwide Photo Walk 2014

Worldwide Photo Walk - Join us banner

This year, I will be again a leader for Scott Kelby’s 7th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk. This walk will take place in one of Iowa’s most beautiful historical corners – Amana Colonies. In looking for a place to take great images I thought about Amana and its unique architecture of European (German, to be exact) style houses. And while the images in this post (click on any thumbnail to see larger versions in Lightbox) were taken couple of weeks ago, in midst of summer flower displays, I am sure the place will not lose much of its character in early fall. Maybe we will even catch the peak fall color?

I prepared an easy stroll along main street and a bit off the beaten path, into more residential area. It should be a great opportunity for local photographers of all ages (yes, older and youngest are welcome, too!) and any equipment designed to record images (from iPhone to DSLRs) to explore together taking extraordinary photographs of ordinary things. But most of all, it is a social event, for you to get to know few more people sharing same hobby talk shop.

After the walk, depending of how big group we have, we will sit down in either Millstream Brewery or Colony Inn Restaurant to chat more and share images.

To join us on this walk on October 11th, 2014 at 1:30 pm, go to the Amana Photowalk web site and click Join this Photowalk in the upper right corner. Hope to see you there!