An orange

Cure orange fruit with green leaves

When grocery shopping last week, I got drawn to the crate with small oranges. They offer them sometimes in this healthy food store, where we buy some of “Polish” stuff we cannot get anywhere else, like “real bread”. The oranges come with leaves, and when you fish carefully long enough, you can find something cute and image-worthy. The one I bought for just 53 cents was almost the most funny fruit on earth. I had an object to photograph for couple of evenings, before it got served as a sweet dessert.

The only macro gear I have right now is Lensbaby macro kit (interestingly, it is not possible to buy this two-lens filters kit by itself on Amazon anymore!). It creates all kinds of problems, with shallow depth of field of macro photography on top of Lensbaby distortion. Thanks goodness for the Live View, I do not know how I would be able to pull those images off otherwise!

Water drop on an orange leaf