Antiques and light

Some of my shots this time. Still from Living History Farms trip. I was playing with Sony Alpha 9 and 7 models, both with 90 mm f2.8 macro lens. Admittedly, I have not taken any photos for a while, and when I did, it was outside. Handholding is not my strong suite anymore, need to work on it. Just took out my dumbbells.

Part if it was getting used to focusing on new camera system, with its weird focus plane. At the same time, some of that shallow depth of field was intentional, I was playing, reminding myself what I love about photography. How I can turn objects into abstracts. Since all of those images focus on form, I went with black and white treatment. I was surprised to discover it totally did not work for some images in the series, so I am planning part 2, in color.

Click on any image to see larger version – it will also allow to move between them.