Apple bowl

How is everybody doing this Thanksgiving weekend? Although it is celebrated only in US, I assume that’s where most of my readers are from. If you are not, I would love to hear from you.

I just decided that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. No other gives me four days of vacation. Americans are smart with having holidays on particular day of the week, other then particular day of the months. Like Christmas comes on Sunday this year- what a waste of perfectly good day off work :).

Yesterday, I spend whole day in the kitchen. With repurposing leftover turkey and photographing the process, I don’t even notice when it was past dinner, time to rent a movie online before going to bed. I guess needed a break from it all, and to do something else then usual. Plus, there is not much to photograph outside, as I learned the hard way last week. Kitchen was a promising option to look for subjects.
How are you spending the time off?