Around Escalante

I am catching up on my blog readings after two weeks of preparing for vacation, going on vacation, unpacking after vacation. And there is this post by PhotoWalkPro on travel photography, where he is talking about photographing insunny, blue sky versus boring, washed white, covered with clouds. I can relate to that. Last weekend, we were visiting Escalante National Monument, all together we were there on 3 different days. But we stopped to photograph the incredible views from the main road on our last day, on the way out. A friend of mine was complaining, that we drove that road a day before and a day before that, when it was great sky, and never stopped. And that last day, it was getting ready to snow, really not a good sky for photograph. I was trying to convince her that the light is great, no harsh shadows, better colors, and so on. But when I looked at my images later that day, she was right…. It took some cropping, exposure and vibrance adjustments, to get this image to come to life. And it was still decent sky.

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