Around the Photo Web – in the Cloud

Ostrich in Como Park Zoo, St Paul, MN

The Adobe Creative Cloud slowly becomes an old news and everybody gets accustomed to new status quo. Yet it occasionally stirs some more controversy. After all, when the realization sinks in, you need to decide if you are in favor or against. And run down through all your arguments.

Myself, I did not like the idea of buying subscription to the software in general at first. I got to terms with it later, after reading some opinions and realizing it is here to stay. I become a fan of Adobe Creative Cloud after news of the $9.99 “Photoshop Photography Program”. It was affordable and contained all I needed and only what I needed.

After all, my options were limited:
(1) to purchase new Lightroom 5 as perpetual license, but work with already a version old Photoshop
(2) switch to software from another company, or
(3) just go with the flow.

Luckily for me, my stock images license sales are at least $10 in a month, so I can call it self-supportive.

It is interesting, however, to read some of the voices pro and against software renting model- see below some I recommend:

There can be, that the opponents changed the opinion by now. Their initial thoughts, however, give you some ideas of things maybe you have not thought about.

So, where do you stand on the issue? Leave your thoughts in the Comments below.