Around the photo Web – part 5

Water drops on tulip leaf

Today, I wanted to share few lists of photography books. You will not find the Photoshop tutorials here, nor explanation of depth of field and aperture. These are books filled with great images, classic works, for your inspiration and education. I gathered them to help me find ideas for a series of posts I am running here on blog. I have started from the most obvious choices for my “Exploring the Masters” series, and now need to identify additional photographers to feature. Lists like those in the posts below, found all over the Internet, are great sources. Maybe you will also find yourself interested in picking one of them.

  • David DuChemin’s gift guide or what to buy for photographer in your life
  • Full of inspiration photo books list from LightStalking
  • Bookshelf list from Photonetcast producers and listeners
  • According to Faded & Blurred, these are the five books you, as photographer, should own