Asparagus and stock

My latest submissions to stocks were quite a success. All my images were accepted in Bigstockphoto, and most of the batch got into iStock. Current count is 25 images in Bigstock, 15 images in iStock. I lost with Shutterstock again, and I was really upset. They rejected the images they liked last time, I added them to the batch as sure winners. Well, it is like all the contests and scientific papers, I suppose, it all depends on the person viewing as much as quality of your work, and this time it must have gotten to different checker. I guess what surprised me more was the time it took to process my submissions, I got rejection from Shutterstock right on Sunday, within 24 hours, the BigStockPhoto, as usual, send me comments next business day, and even iStock got me feedback on Tuesday. Must have been slow weekend.
In any case, the number of images we submitted were vegetables on white background, which can have multiple uses for designers. I really like this one, with bunch of asparagus in a glass, they look like mug with pencils on a desk.