At blacksmith’s

Last weekend, I had spent two days doing what I like most- photographing and exploring. We went to Des Moines, Iowa for the two day photography event in Living History Farms. As the name might suggest, the “farms” are a museum consisting of a collection of old buildings, farm and town places, from 1870s. There is an old town part, with church and cemetery, and a farm part with livestock. Unlike many of the similar museums, here much of the display can not only be touched, but is also in daily use by the staff- form printing newspaper to forge horseshoes. During the Photography Days, there was a series of classes given throughout Saturday, and on Sunday, you could roam around the place with your camera, tripod and whatever gear you decided to bring with you and document the place. And there was a lot to focus on, so to speak- fully arranged interiors, close up of tools and accessories, people- both wearing contemporary and historic outfits. Truly, great time. I have quite a few photographs, so stay tuned, I will be sharing them this week.