Back from Black Hole of silence

I am not done with the blog. I just took a vacation from it. I just spent a great time with my parents, which kept me from posting, but didn’t keep me from photographing. I gathered a huge collection of photos, and although I still need to spend time organizing it, I do have a lot of material to post for some time.
As my parents flew into Chicago, we were (un)lucky to visit the town during the very common occasion on Midwest at this time of a year – during a spring thunderstorm. I like the dramatic sky over the city skyline, and as I just finished watching Matt Kloskowski’s “Before and after” video (yes, I am catching up with my e-mails and RRS as well), I worked it up a little bit. Also, the city light higher then Sears Tower? I find it amusing add-on on this photo.

Stormy skyline