Bad Chevy

It was one funny image to create. There is no question to why I took a picture of this car in the first place. The red lights on the black car just shouted “I am a bad a$$” :). I actually took 5 exposures, to merge it into HDR. To take the occasion to answer some readers question, the main reason why I am taking 5, not 3 exposures is the fact that my Nikon camera has only 1/3, 2/3 and 1 stop brackets for exposure. And the best results are typically achieved using -2, 0 and 2. Thus, I take and discard -1 and 1.
After finishing of HDR, I still have overall not a very exciting image, static, with other cars reflecting in the polished mask and bumpers, and those tale-tell red camping chair next to it. I remembered the old Rick Sammon (I believe) trick with adding blur to “fake” the motion. I think he suggested motion blur, which creates quite boring effect (I tried once, a long time ago). Well, the radial blur worked far better, if you ask me. When I was finishing it off, I noticed how things came together to “make” this image. The red chair turned into abstract of colors, maybe a passing truck on the other lane? And notice how natural the yellow lines on the road look, as if determining the width of the lane. In fact, these are the parking lines :).