Balclutha – a sailing ship

Back home- time to organize all the images I took during our over a week long vacations. Tomasz teases it will take me years before I process all the HDRs I took and compile all the panoramas. He might be right- there are hardly straight images in the collection from San Francisco! It must be the weather ;).

Today’s image is an example of both- it is an HDR and it is, well, maybe not panorama, but two landscape images combined. With the ship in front of it and with 18 mm lens on cropped sensor, the whole beautiful sailing ship just did not fit the single frame. I almost turned it into black & white, but then I really like the red stripe at the bottom, this combined with the unique perspective just makes this image for me.

Notice the ominous clouds gathering above the ship, while the sky further, past the bridge, is blue and calm. Shortly after this image was taken, we were running away from the hail! We took shelter inside the Balclutha, and took atime to look at all the exhibits about the ship’s history. And there is stuff to learn. Balclutha bore two different names in its history, and had several functions including hauling timber and fish processing. The ship is now a part of collection of San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.