Beauty counter

Beauty counter - collage

Here is a summary of another round of “Color a day” ROYGBIV project, curated on Google+ by Susan Porter and Tisha Crow. It was the fourth this year, and I always enjoy doing them combined with a mini-theme to limit myself a bit more. This time, I went with “Beauty counter”, and took photographs of colorful items from my bathroom cabinet. In fact, I was using the light in my bathroom as well, after discovering how bright and well focused it is.

I mentioned already on blog how much I enjoy doing those projects. Out of all I am doing with Social Media, this give the best feeling of community. At the same time, I create some of my favorite images. I printed the whole “Healthy dose of color” collection and hanged in my kitchen. Now I am thinking to print few of the latest images to had in the bathroom.

Now, that this is over, I cannot wait for next one. I already came up with a theme, and have some idea for what to photograph for each color.

Please take a look at the collages from previous series: