Boat on Mississippi river

Something quite different today. It is posted late, because I did not realize how long will it take me to get this image to what I wanted. I typically have about half of an hour in them morning to spend on the image, plus time to write the post. Here, I have an HDR, which needed some Photoshop work and added texture. Took significantly more than half an hour ;).

The boat belonged to one of the participants in last week boat-in breakfast in a small town on Mississippi river on Illinois side. I notice its vintage look already last year, but this time it was anchored a bit away from all the other boats during this busy event. It allowed me to focus my image on only this boat, and the water, and create totally different feeling, of solitude and calm. HDR helped save the middle of day harsh light, and did quite a good job at it, combined with a B&W 01 from free set of presets from OnOne software. The texture is 12009 from Pink Ink Studios (which I am having a hard time finding on Google today), nice wooden texture which added interest to totally boring sky that day.

I am looking at it with feeling of accomplishment, yet I know am going to come back to this image, and reprocess it. I really like the bluish tone, it fits it well, yet I want to see how it will look with preserved natural light orange color with red starboard.