Winter is my favorite season. I realize not many people would say that. Mostly because of cold and so called “inclement weather”. It is, funny thing, the first year I heard this term and paid attention to what it means. It is one of those hard to translate terms, which need to use example to be clear, and additionally it means something different in Florida and in Iowa. Hah.
Anyway, I wanted to pick up some seasonal images for stock submissions, and I discovered I do not have all that many images of winter. Since them, I am thinking what might be representative images for that season. Yes, the symbols are obvious, like snow, but how to create a good stock image without any people in it. I think I have an assignment for holidays. Meantime, I am sure winter birds are a good symbol, too. This one was sitting on a tree in Niagara Falls, not far from the waterfalls. The bare tree would create almost a black and white image, but this guy introduced quite a lot of color to the scene.