Cafe place (Before & After)

I took this image in fall of 2008, and still come back to it. I really like it. I like the light, the simple form of the table and chairs, shadows they cast on the stony floor. The autumn leaves add to the mood of loneliness, abandonment and passing. Yet, there is something missing in the image and I cannot pinpoint what exactly that is. I was pondering reprocessing of this image for a while. But I still do not have a good idea what to do about it.

All I could think of is simplifying the image, eliminating the unnecessary elements. The stuff on the table. The chair on the side. I cropped it as square to achieve that, and rotated a bit. I added some contrast to the image by adjusting curves, one thing I learned a lot about during years since the image was first posted on this blog. And lightened the bottom with a Graduated Filter. Nothing else…

This is why this time, I am leaving my After open to your suggestions. Take a look at the composition, exposure, white balance, and let me know, how would you improve this image. I cannot go back and reshoot this picture anymore. the Wallace Winery ceased to existence. I cannot change point of view or lens. But maybe there is something else I am missing?