Canyonlands revisited

I think I already mentioned, that Moab is my vacation place of choice. I was there last year, and was looking forward revisiting this year. There is something in red rock and blue sky, which appeals to me. This time, we found time to go to Dead Horse State Park, for Canyonlands overlook. I was struck by the apparent “layers” in the view, where different rock formations were creating a three dimensional view with mountains as backdrop. The color seem to be redundant here, so how about B&W? Figured, as I have a minute, I might as well try Nik Silver Efex Pro. I have a mixed feelings about plug-ins, especially a cost of those for hobbyist like me, but there are always trial versions, right? So, I have fun with it, it seems to be very simple and intuitive to use, and those ready presets….. In no time I got out my photograph just what I wanted.

Canyonlands overlook

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