Car shows – it’s all about people

Last weekend, there were Fun Days in town – carnival, concerts, and my favorite- car show. I go every year to photograph vintage automobiles, esentially across the street from my house. So last year I went, too. Afterwards, I posted this image of detail of Packard, model 900. Conrad, the owner of the car found the image online and left a comment on my blog.

This year, I went to find him and introduce myself. We had a nice chit-chat about the car. He told me about its history, how it was made in 1932, and how he owned by him for 46 years now. It took his family 3 years to get it in the shape it is now. And how the car was spared the 1998 flood, when it was somewhere else getting the body done.

Talking with Conrad made me realize, how more interesting was photographing his car knowing something more about it. And the whole car show became a better experience because I met people, talked, learned something. Note to self – try connect more with people during those events!