From the car window

Recently, there was a post on Sabrina Henry’s blog, where she shared some of the images from her trip to Montana. The images she shared were taken from the window of the car. Snapshots, you say. Yet, there is something in the landscape in Montana that you cannot go wrong, the open vast skies, with dramatic clouds over simple terrain.

Looking at her gallery, I was reminded about my ongoing iPhone project. Whenever I travel on the passenger seat, going through Iowa country, I take photographs of the passing landscape with my iPhone. I use Slow Shutter Cam app which allows me to take photos starting from half a second to few seconds. It sometimes takes a rugged look, but overall, greatly simplifies the scene. It becomes almost abstract presentation of the view out of the window. Here are some of my favorites.

UPDATE- there is actually a group of photographers approaching landscape with intentional camera movement. You can read more about it in this article by Andrew Gibson for Digital Photography School or his e-book, “Slow”.

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