Chicago architecture

This was really busy year for me, photographically that is. I was taking far more pictures every week than I was able to process. I am browsing through last years part of my Lightroom catalog, discovering images and series of images I did not have a chance to post on the blog. I am just making notes of all the galleries I can put together, if and when I have time to process all this stuff.
This week gallery is a collection of images we took last spring, when visiting Chicago with my parents. It was a hectic time when they were here, and I think I did not post for several weeks. All those nice images disappeared in the bulk.
There is a story behind the shoot- we took the Architecture Cruise in Windy City twice already. Both times in April. One at the beginning, one at the end. Both times, it was raining with temperatures around 40F. Not a great photo weather.