Christmas bokeh

I have seen so many of those Christmas light bokeh mages this week, with and without in focus objects up front, I decided to try one myself. I started in the morning, but the window light was overwhelming even the delicate holiday lights on the Christmas tree, so I decided to come back in the evening. Well, in the evening the lights were too bright and the rest of the room was disappearing in darkness. Not too bad, but how about something in between? HDR maybe?

The combination of 5 exposures into HDR allowed me to preserve the red background of the wall behind the Christmas tree, adding some contrast to the image.

Meantime, I am working on the year summary post- to submit it again to Jim Goldstein annual project. Quite frustrating task at times. I already have few New Years resolution. 1) pay more attention to Tags, especially singular/plural like animal vs animals 2) do not put cityscapes into Landscape category, they have Urban Life especially for them.