Close to flowers with iPhone

Earlier this spring, I received a set of iPhone clip-on lenses. It was a give-away totally unrelated to photography, but perfect match for me. Admittedly, the set is cheap in compare what you can get. This is the kit I think I have, although since all branding is removed, it’s my best guess. Compare it to “brand-names” like olloclip for example (mostly the price, but then, it is a dedicated macro lens).

Anyway, back to my set. I have fisheye, 0.67x wide angle and a macro. Neatly stackable and with a small pouch to carry it. Very handy, one of few photographic things I recently actually have with me all the time. I can stick it in the pocket of my shorts when I go for walk – it does not get any better than this!

The photographs created with the combination of macro and 0.67x wide (this is how I use it almost all the time) give this ethereal look that reminds me some of the Lensbaby effect. This is probably why I like it so much. It is also why it is so difficult to take a good picture. You miss a focus a bit and the image does not make any sense anymore. There is this undefined line between art and out of focus macro :).

The images below I took in May, in my mom’s garden. My favorite place, with all the diversity of plants and colors and forms.

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