Contest time thoughts

Times when I am choosing images for some photo contest are one of the lowest in my photography life. Weird, it should make me feel good about what I have achieved and how many great images I have, No, none of it It always makes me realize that I do not have much to show for the time spent behind the camera. And that my photography is not going where I want it to, and I am not progressing much. Then there is the moment, of course, when I start compare myself to others, images I see almost daily on blogs and G+.

Truth be told, many of the great images I see there would not work for contest, either. Contests are all about editing. Thinking about it more, I realize the image needs to stand on its own (some images shine within the project, yet on their own, they do not have same appeal). The image needs to be unique and creative, draw attention. It is like showing the world in the completely different way when you see it daily. And then it all is in subjective feeling of the judge (or judges), his experience and esthetics, to decide what SHE likes best.

So why do I spend so much time overthinking it? The 8 is chosen, send out to the printer, done until next contest submission, in May.

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