Curtains & light

I wrote about Uta Barth last weekend, in the “Exploring the Masters” series. I really enjoyed looking at her work, especially “To draw with light” series. What draws me to her work is the simplicity of it, reduction of the image to just light and shape and relation of those two. There is nothing else. She is not making bold statements about humanity, she just focuses on the details of everyday life – how the sun shines through curtains and throws shadow on the wall. Something I could appreciate when I was staying in bed, sick, just a couple of weeks ago. Looking around my parents place, I was finding all those pictures everywhere, and created a small series of Uta Barth inspired abstracts. Here are two of my favorites.

For post-processing, I removed the overwhelming tones of the sun light close to sunset and replaced it with the Split Tone suggested by Nicolesy in her “Light & Process Landscape photography” e-book, switching tones for Highlights and Shadows to achieve cooling rather than warming effect.

Please click on the image to see larger version in Lightbox.