I probably should introduce myself, but as my pictures has been posted here for a while already I’ll just mention that from now on I’ll try to not only provide pictures but also write texts for my ‘Saturday guest blog’ column.

It’s no secret that I’m very interested in light. So most of my pictures will be focused on lightning techniques. I’m no master by any measure but I’m trying hard to achieve results I imagined before I took camera in my hands. Sometimes though results surprise even myself.

Today I got inspired by one of the photos taken during world wide photo walk. It was a quill lighten with remote flash in a way that everything around it was pure black. I decided to try and do the same with nice, white fork stanchion of my new bike. I took our trusty SB-800, turned it to remote mode and started playing.

Well.. I took 194 pictures, out of which only four were more or less close to what I wanted to get. But neither of them didn’t have that thing in them that would leave me with ‘nicely done’ feeling. Fortunately there was another one, taken ‘by the way’ that got my attention.

It has this ‘unsettled’ feeling embedded into it. Light blinks on the rotor seem to say ‘just take us for a spin’. The shadows on the fork reveal more than hide. Brake caliper hiding behind it says ‘don’t worry, I’ll be here when you need me’. I probably should listen to it and go for a ride!