“Doughnut lady”

There was a lot of discussion lately on the Tiny Landscapes blog run by Mike Maats on expanding the macro photographic subjects pool. You can read some ideas on macro images other then flowers (and bugs) in this post, and some more example macro images here. And there is even a special macro contest with many great prizes , where flowers and critters are not allowed.

The problem I see with all those posts is that they do not go all that far. For example, I see not much of the difference between photographing flower and the leaf of the same plant. The tree trunk (or the bark) are still a plant. Only mussels and stones are really expanding the set of interesting subjects in my opinion. But there is so much more around us. Granted, I could not come up with more nature derived subjects, if you want limit yourself this way. Yet, think about all the details on cars and other means of transportation and multitude of small items in the kitchen or the office.

Thus, as a challenge, today I am posting for #MacroMonday non flower or bug photo. This is a hood ornament from the Packard, model 900. More on the car, owner and a story of the photo tomorrow.